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Strategies for Integrating Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Formerly Incarcerated People Re-entering their Communities
Prisons and jails are the largest behavioral health treatment institutions/organizations in every state, and often, especially for those with substance use disorders and mental health conditions, jail or prison are the entry points to Behavioral Health treatment. Once individuals with substance use disorders are released from prison, they have a greater risk of disrupted behavioral health treatment and even fatal overdose. Integrated healthcare providers are uniquely positioned to address these challenges by providing continuous behavioral healthcare, substance use treatment and primary care to formerly incarcerated persons upon reentry to their communities, and by collaborating with corrections systems and the broader community system of care to provide services to this population.

Join the Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions, in partnership with Health Management Associates, on Wednesday, October 7th, from 3-4 p.m. ET for Strategies for Integrating Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Formerly Incarcerated Citizens Re-entering their Communities. Participants will learn about:

• The fundamentals of re-entry planning for formerly incarcerated persons with a Substance Use Disorder returning to the community
• The current community provider regulatory and service realities for accessing community-based and integrated behavioral health, substance use and physical health services, such as MAT, and other related services
• Ways in which the corrections systems are a part of the broader community system of care and should be prioritized by integrated care organizations


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