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Improving Lung Health and Mental Wellbeing during COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Samara Tahmid, NBHN (she/hers)
Welcome everyone to our webinar “Improving Lung Health and Mental Wellbeing during COVID-19”! A PDF copy of the slides and relevant resources can be found at https://www.bhthechange.org/resources/improving-lung-health-and-mental-wellbeing-during-covid-19/. Thank you for joining us!
Samara Tahmid, NBHN (she/hers)
Our featured speakers from today hail from American Lung Association and the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center. Interested in learning more about their organizations? Check them out at: https://www.lung.org/ and https://smokingcessationleadership.ucsf.edu/
Samara Tahmid, NBHN (she/hers)
Find out more information about American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking cessation program at https://www.lung.org/quit-smoking/join-freedom-from-smoking
Samara Tahmid, NBHN (she/hers)
Visit the Cessation TA library at lung.org/CessationTA. For more resources about ALA's training resources, download their Training Resources guide at https://www.bhthechange.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/ALA-Lung-Health-Trainings-and-Free-Resources.pdf
Samara Tahmid, NBHN (she/hers)
Explore the I-COVID Quit campaign resources page and printable downloads at https://smokingcessationleadership.ucsf.edu/icovidquit
Laura Arent
Such an awesome presentation. Can't wait to use the resources. Thank you ladies for all you do!
teresa mills
Can you correlate the I COVID QUIT campaign with those who actually quit using tobacco products?
Cynthia Martin
Wonderful presentation! I will be taking this back to my leadership.
Patty Carlson
Hello, could you send the PowerPoint?
Laura Arent
I work at a hospital am I allowed to put the videos on an email blast to our employees? I think they would be very impactful for our employees who smoke. Thanks much!
Margaret McNamara
What do you recommend to start with our BH division that does not provide cessation classes, which they would like, but my program ( Tobacco Prevention and Education) does not allow me to conduct cessation training. On a policy level, we do have a smokefree facility and we are working on EHR quitline referral integration.
Catherine Saucedo
everything is available for you to use as you see fit! Icovidquit.org
Laura Arent
Thank you!
Larry Martin
Thank you!
Samara Tahmid, NBHN (she/hers)
Thank you everyone for joining! As a reminder, a copy of today's slides and other great resources can be found at https://www.bhthechange.org/resources/improving-lung-health-and-mental-wellbeing-during-covid-19/. A recording of today's session will be available within 24-48 hours. Thanks!
Eva Book
Thank you!
Ellen Siegel
Great! T,Y,