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CoE Office Hour – Engaging Older Youth to Help Them Navigate the New Norm - Shared screen with speaker view
Raymonda Takla, National Council for Behavioral Health
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining today. If you have questions you would like to share with panelists, please enter those in the Q&A box you can find on your zoom toolbar. If you have a comment, please enter that here in the chat box and remember to specify if you would like to pose the comment to everyone on the line, or just privately to panelists. You will receive this recording shared through an email tomorrow afternoon, which will also be available on our website here: https://www.thenationalcouncil.org/integrated-health-coe/training-events/. Thanks again for joining!
Starla Paris
And ask kiddos to share the Zoom responsibilities....who wants to do Polls? WordArt? etc
Kasha Morgan
Chantel Boudreau
Thank you this was very informative!
Tariq Smith
Thank you for the information!!