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CCBHC Overview - Shared screen with speaker view
Alexandra Meade, National Council
Welcome, everyone! So glad to have you with us today. Attendees are muted in this webinar, but we encourage your questions and feedback at any time throughout today's session. You may enter questions in the Q&A panel on your Zoom toolbar. Thank you for attending today!
Alexandra Meade, National Council
All registrants will receive a copy of today's slides following the session.
Alexandra Meade, National Council
Feel free to submit additional answers here!
Alexandra Meade, National Council
Reminder that you can select as many as apply.
Mary Windecker
My neighbor has decided to mow their lawn, so I will just post here how appreciative we are to all of the attendees and especially National Council for giving this fabulous overview!
Mary Windecker
I will post the presentation on the website at montanabehavioralhealth.org