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Behavioral Health Commissioners Summit - Shared screen with speaker view
Alexandra Meade, National Council
Hi everyone, welcome, and thank you for being with us today. As Becca mentioned, please share any questions or comments throughout today's session here in the chat box. We'll discuss as many as possible towards the end of the presentations.
Lois Hochstetler
Are we able to get copies of the PP? It had lots of good statistics!
Alexandra Meade, National Council
Hi all, a friendly reminder that we welcome your questions and thoughts from any portion of the presentations today. We'll be opening it up to questions here shortly and will have 10-15 minutes for discussion. You're welcome to share them here in the chat box, or you can select "raising your hand" on the Zoom platform to verbally unmute and share. Thank you!
National Council for Behavioral Health PIC 10
Could the panelists speak to key considerations and lessons learned during start up (even as early as your planning phase)?
Alexandra Meade, National Council
Question shared from an attendee: "Could one of the speakers explain what role implementation of a CCBHC (in pilot/demonstration projects) played in eliminating wait times? What procedural change did the CCBHC usher in that made this reduction in wait times possible?"
Brett Beckerson
For all panelists - what conversations have you had with your Medicaid directors, how have they helped to champion CCBHCs?
Ari Nassiri
For all the panelists, what considerations and learning lessons were made to EHR integration, data mapping, and monitoring metrics?
National Council for Behavioral Health
As we take questions, we also want to invite you to share your feedback through a brief survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BHCommissionersSummitEvaluation