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CCBHC "Ask the Expert" Series, Session 6: Implementing Peer Support Services as a CCBHC - Shared screen with speaker view
Alexandra Meade, National Council
Welcome everyone! Thank you for joining us today. We look forward to discussing your questions throughout the hour and hearing from our expert panel. Slides and referenced resources will be shared with all registrants following today's webinar. Please feel free to share questions in the Q&A panel, and you may "up-vote" questions others have already shared to indicate support. If you'd like to share a chat with all attendees today, please be sure to select "send chat to all panelists and attendees" so all participants can view and reply. Looking forward to this hour together!
Alexandra Meade, National Council
A quick note that some of you may have peers on staff and also have a DCO or other relationship for additional peer services. The poll did not allow for selecting more than one reply.
Samantha Holcombe, National Council
National Guidelines for Peer Supporters: https://inaps.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/nationalguidelines_updated.pdf
Samantha Holcombe, National Council
Yes we will share the recording post-session as well as post it on our CCBHC Success Center page!
Samantha Holcombe, National Council
Tom Hill, National Council
 https://dbhids.org/peer-support-toolkit/
Lisa Lawson
Offering Peers opportunities and access to Peer Recovery certification and development courses as part of their professional development is so important too
Samantha Holcombe, National Council
Of course, DCO stands for designated collaborating organization. It is a structured partnership approach for CCBHCs to partner with an organization to provide some of their core services. You can learn more about them here: https://www.thenationalcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/CCBHC-DCO-Toolkit.pdf
Harvey Rosenthal, NYAPRS
peer and recovery culture indicators Peer Program qualities per the FACIT: http://www.acbhcs.org/providers/QI/docs/WRR/Fidelity_Assessment_Common_Ingredients.pdf
Sarah Small
Is Dr. Morgan referring to the COW-SA?
Alexandra Meade, National Council
This hour has flown by and we're coming up on time, but we'll connect with people offline whose questions we haven't been able to address. Thank you all for sharing questions and comments!
Harvey Rosenthal, NYAPRS